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2018-05-09 23:26:43

Лютов Олег Геннадьевич
+7 978 096 60 64
Сушильное оборудование
10,00 руб.
Lease dryer AVM – 0,65. Performed the drying of wet waste (80%) food industry (grape, Apple, pumpkin, sugar beet), for further feed additives. Helps to ensure exacting humidity products. The processing capacity: 20 tons/day. Heat with wood and coal. Makes drying Your standards. The cost of the work is discussed individually according to the desired product. The production facilities are located in Simferopol and Saksky areas. Autonomous Republic of Crimea. For all inquiries please contact by phone - +79780966064 Oleg. Room Viber (Viber) - +79780966064 Our El.email: martimar.russia@yandex.ru
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