КУРС ЦБ $ USD 70,5174 EUR 76,3004
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2018-09-14 10:05:56

Павел Макаров
+7 999 691 19 18
+7 999 691 19 18
г Ростов-на-Дону
Цена договорная
Produce the following types of printing: Glossy print – a bright eye-catching bag. Matte prints – noble, suitable for premium products. Metallic substrate – high aesthetic and functional load - increase shelf life of foods. Combined printing – multiple print types on the surface of the bag, the higher the degree of perception and memorization of the product. Printing hologram anti-counterfeiting, betrays a unique form of packaging a high level products. Bags with transparent Windows, where one needs to show the quality of their products.
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