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2020-04-20 14:27:08

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Респ Башкортостан
Склады, хранилища, элеваторы
Цена договорная
One of the largest enterprises on responsible storage, and warehousing of frozen or refrigerated goods. • Storage capacity - up to 10 thousand tons at a time. • The warehouse area is 11 thousand m2. • The temperature in the chambers is from 0 to -22° C, as there is a separate chamber with temperature +2° C, and the chamber shock freezing up to -40° C • Number of cameras - 15 refrigerated chambers ranging from 173 m2 to 865 m2 each. There is also a vegetable store (420 m2) and a warehouse without temperature maintenance (360 m2) • Additional services - execution of accompanying documents, processing, packaging and distribution of product by retail chains, and end-users. • Rent, additional office space from 12 m2 to 100 m2 that can accommodate employees of the tenant. • Unloading, loading is performed on a private railroad overpass, designed for five cars and on the auto-overpass where you can accommodate up to 10 heavy vehicles. Included in the register of the customs Union. And also has the conclusion on recognition of enterprises charged with services to the compartment IV. Has the Certificate of Conformity of HACCP. All details and prices please call. CALL!!!