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Нагавицын Сергей Константинович
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Agricultural machinery
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Potato harvester Anna Delivery across the Russian Federation. For pricing, please use our contacts. Harvester Anna trailed semi-mounted is designed for harvesting potatoes planted-foot machines machines with spacing of 60-75 cm on light and medium soils with humidity up to 30% on fields not littered with large rocks and foreign objects when the mass of plant residues of up to 6 t/ha. the Harvesting combine is carried out on different soils on the ridge and poligraphovich plantings. Combine is aggregated with tractors type MTZ-82. Harvester digs one row of potatoes, separate the tubers from the soil, leaves and vegetation-tion of impurities, collecting the tubers in the hopper, and then upload them to transport on the go or when you stop the unit. The design of the harvester allows you to apply on the carriage of goods com-buy every type of transportation. Specifications Width, m 0,60-0,75 Inter-row spacing, cm 60-75 Capacity of the hopper for potatoes, kg 1500 Implemented with pre-preparation. To see the products on our website: Atlant-zkv.by El. email: Atlantzkv@mail.ru snitor@mail.ru Contact phone: + 7 960 589 78 38 + 7 909 257 51 59 Tel.: 8025744 73 64, 8025 602 54 70, 8025691 15 10