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четверг, 17 октября 2019
The government of the Russian Federation in November may make changes to the decree on subsidized shipments of grain from several remote areas, including Eastern direction, said Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Oksana LUT.

четверг, 03 октября 2019

вторник, 01 октября 2019
Agricultural producers of the Saratov region has entered into the mass harvesting campaign of sunflower. The cleaning area of more than 1.3 million hectares, reported IA "Svetich" with reference to the press service of the regional Ministry of agriculture.

понедельник, 30 сентября 2019
From January 1 to September 30, 2019 Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Saratov region in the supply from the region abroad of grain and products of its processing controlled by 609 thousand tonnes of regulated products.

пятница, 27 сентября 2019
Organizations of the Stavropol region intend this year to increase fish production to 10.5 thousand tons. In 2013, the region produced 8.9 thousand tons of fish.

среда, 25 сентября 2019
The ex-Minister of agriculture of Saratov region and head of the Saratov region Ivan Babushkin explained what benefits can bring the return of Uzbekistan into the Eurasian economic Union.

Last season 2018/19 (September-August) Russia has reduced the production of cereals by 37 thousand tonnes to 1 million 492 thousand tons, According to the Institute for agricultural market studies (IKAR), in the result, the total production was below not only the previous season, but the 2016/17 crop year. The reduction was due to three cereals — buckwheat, rice and millet, the production of which fell by 94 thousand tons, said the Deputy Director of IKAR Irina Glazunov.

среда, 18 сентября 2019
Maize yield in the Kuban 1.5 times higher than last year

четверг, 22 августа 2019
By order of the Governor of the Saratov region from August 22, 2019 in the worst-affected from adverse weather conditions areas declared a state of emergency.

In the period 2016 – 2019 Federal freight company transported more than 1 million tons of construction cargo in open wagons in the framework of the Saratov region in the Federal target program "Development of transport system of Russia".

пятница, 26 июля 2019
Experts of the Russian popular front calls on the Federal government to establish control in the sphere of turnover of pesticides and agrochemicals. The situation with the mass death of bees may be associated with excessive use of agrochemicals, posing a threat not only to the business owners of apiaries, but also the health of consumers of their products. In addition, experts of the popular front for fear of yield reduction of crops that bees pollinate.

четверг, 04 июля 2019
In 2019 Saratov oblast has shipped the first batch of sunflower meal in Italy.

понедельник, 24 июня 2019
Under favorable weather conditions, the grain harvest this year will break the record in 2017 when it was collected more than 135 million tons, the forecast "the Agroinvestor" announced the President of the Russian grain Union Arkady Zlochevskiy.

среда, 19 июня 2019
Sown area of all crops in the Saratov region amounted to about 4 million hectares. About this at the meeting of the Committee on agrarian policy, said Deputy Minister of agriculture of the region Alexander Zaitsev. For grain and bean took 2,372 million ha of land. Now more than 1.3 million hectares treated against parasites.

понедельник, 10 июня 2019
Saratov region plans to work with China to engage in the production of soybeans and corn for export, said the head of the region Valery Radaev during the SPIEF-2019.

среда, 05 июня 2019
In the Saratov region, taking into account the dead of winter crops sown 2.6 million hectares of spring crops. On 4 June, Yershov said the Governor Valery Radaev.

среда, 22 мая 2019
According to the Ministry of agriculture of Saratov region on may 20, 2019, farms produced 45,3 thousand tons of milk, which is 102% compared to the year 2018. The gross milk yield per day has reached 370 tons (101,1%), milk yield per cow per day – 18.4 kg (+1 kg by 2018), according to The DairyNews with reference to the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.

четверг, 18 апреля 2019
With high quality products recognized yogurt "Dairy grace", "Armapod and Svetlogorie"

четверг, 31 января 2019
The taste of a good yogurt should not be sour, bitter or sweet

вторник, 29 января 2019
Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will hold on Tuesday a meeting on the preparation of the state program of complex development of rural territories. As the press service of the Cabinet, a meeting will be held in videoconference mode with participation of heads and acting heads of subjects of the Russian Federation. Planned live broadcasts from the Altai territory, Voronezh, Kurgan and Saratov regions.