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пятница, 15 марта 2019
The Russians became more interested in the goods that they buy, for example, citizens study the composition and shelf life of products, said in an interview with RIA Novosti head of Roskoshestvo Maxim Protasov.

четверг, 07 марта 2019
At the third Global Congress on biology and biotechnology of plants, which will be held in Singapore from 11 to 13 March, representatives of the Murcian Institute of agricultural and food research and development will present a report on the varieties of table grapes created by the genetic improvement program of culture with biotechnological tools

вторник, 05 марта 2019
Despite the fact that China owns more than 50% of world production of apples in the country are in great demand of the above fruit imported from other States.

среда, 20 февраля 2019
In January of 2019 in Russia 36.1 % decreased juice production, compared with the same period of 2018. Such data leads Rosstat.

понедельник, 18 февраля 2019

вторник, 05 февраля 2019
RUSSIAN APPLE – business activities of a proprietary format, the Regional Forum and Exhibition dedicated to industrial horticulture in the South of Russia, which involves individuals making key decisions in the development of the industry, management of companies: Directors and managers; government officials, banks and investors.

вторник, 29 января 2019
In the Sevastopol region in 2018 have managed to create 14 new farms. This became possible thanks to government support, according to the Department of agriculture.

One of the troubles of Russian food - the lack of nutrients. And this is confirmed by research Roskoshestvo - not only that food items does not always have the necessary person level of vitamins and minerals, and information about their content is often not reliable.

понедельник, 28 января 2019
In the new consumer basket should be more meat, fish, cheese and eggs. While the number of bread, vegetable fat, sugar and salt should be reduced. Such offers FITZ food and biotechnology presented the Ministry of labor. This was told by Deputy head of the organization on scientific work Alexey Kambarov. New body products the experts recommend taking into account the main problems of the Russians: diabetes, overweight and obesity. The cost of the "healthy basket" can be 30% higher current.

пятница, 25 января 2019
Valio expands its range of premium products under brand Valio is Deluxe and creamy yoghurt dessert with three flavors: "Vanilla cookies", "Caramel Latte", and also with orange and cocoa

понедельник, 21 января 2019
Experts predict the rising cost of basic products in Russia to 2019 average 5%, while the prices of some goods, including pork and poultry, will be stable. This view was expressed by the market participants.

The trade in agriculture between Russia and Austria has increased in the past year to 166 million dollars. This became known during the meeting of Minister of agriculture of Russia Dmitry Patrushev with the Federal Minister of sustainable development and tourism of the Republic of Austria Elizabeth Koestinger, which was held in the framework of the exhibition "Green week" in Berlin. It was also noted that Russia has great potential in the development of rural tourism, writes The DairyNews with reference to the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.

пятница, 18 января 2019

среда, 16 января 2019
Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev sees no preconditions for growth of cost of food above inflation in Russia, but does not exclude spike in prices for some products. This view he expressed to journalists on the sidelines of the Gaidar forum.

Since the beginning of 2019, Russia lifted duties on the import of Fruits and vegetables from Moldova. Agreement on this was reached by the two heads of state.

вторник, 15 января 2019
Russia in January-November of 2018, reduced the import of almost all major food products, except for cheese and cottage cheese, white sugar and vegetable oil.

понедельник, 14 января 2019
From 18 to 27 January 2019 in Berlin (Federal Republic of Germany) will host one of the biggest international events in the field of agriculture – 84-I the international exhibition of food products and agriculture "Green week". Participants of the event will be about 1700 exhibitors from over 60 countries, representing over 100 thousand items of food, livestock and agricultural equipment, according to The DairyNews with reference to the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation.

понедельник, 17 декабря 2018
A group of scientists from Harvard University (USA) conducted an extensive study and found that daily consumption of orange juice prevents memory loss in old age. The study lasted more than 20 years, during this time, experts analyzed data from more than 27 thousand men. It turned out that people whose diet was orange juice, 47% less likely to suffer from memory disorders.

среда, 12 декабря 2018
According to the Foreign agricultural service of the USDA in the current year in Russia will be produced 1.5 million tons of apples, excluding the Crimea.

понедельник, 03 декабря 2018
Retailer Metro Cash & Carry opened a thousandth store "Beans" managed by his partners in the franchise system.