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Пищевые продукты
вторник, 14 июля 2020
It is impossible to imagine summer without the main Goodies of the season. Now, many cafes are closed, but that is no reason to abandon a refreshing dessert, because you can make it yourself! Kraft Heinz introduced in the UK making kits ice cream. An unusual palette of flavors – from mayonnaise and ketchup to Barbeque sauce and salad dressings – will inspire the most daring culinary experiments.

Organic producers are faced with the facts of fraud in the area of certification. Scammers come up with new ways in the field of certification of organic

четверг, 09 июля 2020
The event was attended by the Governor of Kursk region R. V. Starovoit and General Manager of group of companies "Agropromkomplektatsiya" S. A. Novikov.

среда, 08 июля 2020
Group "PRODO" strengthens its position in the segment of Halal products.

суббота, 04 июля 2020
In the 55 years since the opening of the coffee chain "Shokoladnitsa" her team made millions of portions of food with cheese. This experience has allowed to ensure that the most important thing is quality ingredients from responsible producers. For example, for fresh cheeses, such as tiramisu or crepes with chicken and spinach, "chocolate" cheese uses the checked up partners — Unagrande and "Umalat".

четверг, 02 июля 2020
GK "Agropromkomplektatsiya" invested more than 350 million rubles in strengthening the biosecurity of livestock facilities in the Kursk region. The investment is aimed at strengthening measures to ensure the biosecurity of its own pig-breeding complexes (ICS).

вторник, 30 июня 2020
One of Russia's largest complexes for processing of poultry, OOO "agrosila.Chelny-IPC" plans in 2020 to produce more than 21.4 thousand tons of products, coming to the rescue in more than 3.6 billion rubles.

Agricultural holding AGROSILA and one of the largest companies in the field of plant protection products (NWR) and seed production of Syngenta will demonstrate modern agricultural technologies and promising products industry. On the basis of the real economy, the company will present innovative developments, inform about experiences and trends on the market.

понедельник, 29 июня 2020
AGROSILA begins to prepare for harvesting new agricultural season. Quality control over the campaign is planned to provide, above all, through digital tools, announced the General Director of JSC "agrosila" Svetlana Barsukova.

четверг, 25 июня 2020
At the site of the Uglich cheese-dairy factory, a meeting was held with the participation of the plant management, the management company "NIK Development" and the Chairman of the Yaroslavl regional Government Valery Kholodov. The parties discussed the possibility of launching on-site processing plant whey

In five years, the brand of the Group "PRODO" has become the # 1 brand in the Russian market in its segment.

среда, 24 июня 2020
OOO "Kursk meat processing plant" and LLC "Dmitrogorsky meat processing plant" (both are included into group of companies "Agropromkomplektatsiya") continue to expand the list of countries to which shipped products. The new state authorization for the delivery of goods, became Mongolia.

The Russian law on organic production require Russian certification for organics, however, import raw materials and products is part of our market with foreign certificates.

пятница, 19 июня 2020
The brand of the Group "PRODO" "Rococo" has launched a promotional campaign "Ambassador of stylish dishes".

четверг, 18 июня 2020
GK "Agropromkomplektatsiya" continues implementation of a comprehensive strategy of intensive development, implementing large-scale investment projects in the regions of presence.

In the season 2020-2021 gg. JSC "Zainsk sugar" plans to produce more than 1.1 million tons of sugar beet.

One of the largest Russian manufacturers of confectionery products supports physicians during the world pandemic COVID-19. Watching the evolution of the epidemiological situation in the country and commending the work of the doctors, the staff of the confectionery factory "Pobeda" decided to use their own resources and innovations to support them. The employees called this the social project "Win Immunity".

среда, 17 июня 2020
Before you plant, OOO "APK-Chernozem region" (enters in GK "Agropromkomplektatsiya") is an important task for the forage – the formation of a fodder for dairy cattle complex "Trinity" (included into group of companies "Agropromkomplektatsiya"), also located in the Kursk region.

вторник, 16 июня 2020

Social networks vк.com and twitter.com there were reports of fake accounts vk.com/troekurovoru and twitter.com/troekurovoru allegedly belonging to the brand "Troekurovo". These messages have no relation to the brand positioning of the Group "PRODO" and are designed to put well-known Federal brand products from poultry in an ambiguous light.