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понедельник, 16 апреля 2018
The nearest future to 13.04.2018 grew by 7.53 USD to 387,37 USD. Substantive support to soybeans last week had a report of the USDA, which forecast the world soybean crop was substantially reduced (-6,05 million tonnes 340,857 million tons projected in March to 334,8 million tons). The reduction in the forecast touched in Argentina, and the decline was very significant (-7,0 million tons to 40.0 million tons)

пятница, 13 апреля 2018

среда, 11 апреля 2018
To the grain market in the reporting week was characterized by stability. In anticipation of the holidays significant changes were noted. The demand for Russian grain on the world market continues to remain stable and export growth is quite impressive, as evidenced by the results of the March exports (exports of grain amounted to 4 894,6 kt 1 251,447 thousand t above the level of March last year)

среда, 04 апреля 2018
The nearest wheat futures last week fell to 02.04.18 by 5.14 USD to 163,97 USD. Monday prices began to rise again and to 03.04.18 reached 168,10 USD.USDA conducted an assessment of the stocks of wheat in the country, which amounted to 1,494 billion bushels, which is 167 million bushels below last year's level. The biggest surprise for the market wheat was to evaluate the acreage, the forecast of which has been upgraded to 47,339 million acres (although the current level of crops continues to be the lowest since the beginning of the 20th century)

The nearest future to 02.04.2018 increased by 2.67 USD to 380,48 USD. If on March 21 the nearest future gradually decreased and on March 28 reached level 374,05 USD, by March 29, he again jumped to 383,88 USD.Export sales of the week amounted to only 317,511 thousand tons of soybeans old crop (if market expectations of 600-900 thousand tons), new – 69,717 kt (when market expectations 0-200 kt). Sales of soybean meal totaled 184,52 kt (when market expectations of 150-350 TMT), and oil 34,589 thousand tons (15-60 tons)

среда, 28 марта 2018
The nearest wheat futures last week fell to 23.03.18 by 2.75 USD to 169,11 USD. Monday prices began to decline even more to 27.03.18 reached 167,98 USD. Decrease in quotations of wheat from 16 to 19 March, it was due to the expectation of precipitation on the territory of the United States. Last weekend the rain greatly influenced the dramatic drop in prices. After the fall, 19 Mar wheat growing

The increase in the weekly indicators of the condition of winter wheat, and improved weather conditions in key areas of the wheat belt caused a new wave of speculative sales on the US stock exchanges on Tuesday

вторник, 27 марта 2018
The nearest future to 23.03.2018 declined by 7.81 USD to 377,81 USD. The main pressure on the soybean market had a number of factors: the worsening of relations between the US and China, the increase in forecast estimates the acreage of soy (at the expense of corn), and relatively low results of export week. Thus, the results of the reporting week, the export of soybean amounted to 759,094 thousand tons, which was at the lower limit of market expectations (market forecast was 700 thousand tons -1,4 million tons)

понедельник, 26 марта 2018
Friday was the 4th trading day that wheat area in Chicago has completed growth. On the speculative market continues to rebound after a long deep fall

четверг, 22 марта 2018
On Wednesday for nearly an entire day of American wheat was trading in deep red. The market lives in expectation of improvement of the crops of hard winter wheat after the recent storm of snow and rain, a new piece of much-needed precipitation may fall in the coming days

среда, 21 марта 2018
The nearest wheat futures last week fell to 16.03.18 7.81 USD to 171,86 USD. However, as of March 19, prices have stabilized and the fall has stopped. The price of wheat on 20 March was, therefore, 166,45 USD

вторник, 20 марта 2018
The nearest future to 16.03.2018 grew by 7.44 USD to 385,62 USD. However, since Monday quotes fell to 375,70 USD. Export sales of soybeans old crop amounted to 1.27 million tonnes, which was slightly above the upper bound of (0,8-1,2 million tons according to preliminary expectations of the market). It was less than sales last week, but still 3 times higher than the same week last year

среда, 14 марта 2018
The nearest wheat futures last week fell to 09.03.18 1.11 USD to 179,67 USD. March 5 wheat daily decreased by 13 March futures reached 178,39 USD. Export sales of the week amounted to 391,476 thousand tons, which was within the expectations (200 to 500 kt). Sales of the new harvest was 36,898 their customers tons the Fact that export sales of wheat for the reporting week were within the market expectations, supported by quotes from more significant drop

The nearest future to 09.03.2018 sharply fell by 11.58 USD to 378,18 USD. March 12, the drop in prices gave way to consolidation and the end of the trading day the price has increased to USD 379,65. From 5 to 8 March quotes for soybeans declined gradually, but after leaving a forecast balance USDA futures fell sharply

пятница, 02 марта 2018
Drought and the threat of death from cold parts of winter crops in the U.S. are forming a bullish trend on the global wheat market. The weak dollar and strong ruble also strengthen its. This is stated in monthly report, Rabobank, whose main activity is the maintenance of agricultural businesses

среда, 28 февраля 2018
The nearest wheat futures last week decreased by 2.02 USD to 166,17 USD. The main decrease in quotations began on 15 February and to the environment (21.02.18) the price level fell to 164,34 USD. The main pressure on prices was the rains that fell on the territory of the USA (Texas and Oklahoma), which gave opportunity to the market expected improvement in the condition of winter crops areas in the country. Already on Thursday, the prices started to grow again and by 27 February quotes strengthened, reaching a level of USD 170,2

вторник, 27 февраля 2018
The nearest soybean futures to 23.02.2018 grew by 5.42 USD to 380,75 USD. This week, the quotes slightly decreased to 26.02.18 totaled USD 380,02. Quotes in the reporting week continued its growth, based on fears of reduced crop in Argentina (due to drought). The forecast estimates the gross harvest of soybean in Argentina for the reporting week has been once again reduced to 46.5 million tons (-5,5 million tons compared with previous forecast)

четверг, 22 февраля 2018
The nearest wheat futures last week rose by 3.22 USD to 168,19 USD. Despite the overall positive weekly result, since the mid of the week prices began to decline and in fact, the market is developing negatively. It should be noted that quotes have grown in leaps and bounds. From 9 to 12 February, prices rose to 170,49 USD, however, by 15 February they have fallen to 169,66 USD, and this week (as 21.02.2018) are already 164,34 USD

среда, 21 февраля 2018
The nearest future to 16.02.2018 grew by 14.14 USD to USD 375,33. The growth has continued this week and 20.02.18, the level of prices were 377,17 USD. Despite the fact that soy has grown since the end of December last year, such a significant jump market has long experienced. The main reason for the growth of the nearest soybean futures were the forecasts of reduction of the soybean crop in South America, as well as the tension of trade relations between China and the United States