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среда, 03 июня 2020
In the new season in the grain market there will be risks associated with the collapse of global economies

вторник, 26 мая 2020
The harvest of sugar beet will decline amid the reduction in plantings and adverse weather conditions

четверг, 21 мая 2020
In the Kuban, Stavropol and Rostov region yields may be reduced by 30%

среда, 20 мая 2020
However, the industry still has to face the serious consequences of the crisis

понедельник, 18 мая 2020
Seasonal price increase will begin two months earlier than usual

четверг, 14 мая 2020
Center industry expertise Rosselkhozbank analyzed changes in the global food market in the first quarter of 2020, the Center Staff believe that the current situation gives Russia a good chance to increase its share in the export of agricultural products, including food products.

среда, 13 мая 2020
In the South portion of winter crops suffered from drought and frost

пятница, 08 мая 2020
Potential gross yield in Russia is estimated at the level of 118,8 million tons

понедельник, 27 апреля 2020
However, to expand the production companies want to understand the sales Outlook and direction of development for several years ahead

понедельник, 06 апреля 2020
Pandemic coronavirus infection can lead to higher prices for some food products, according to a report by the International center for cooperation at new York University (NYU CIC).

вторник, 31 марта 2020

понедельник, 30 марта 2020

понедельник, 23 марта 2020

Prices in rubles are rising amid falling prices in the currency

среда, 18 марта 2020

пятница, 13 марта 2020

The turnover of goods of seaports of Russia for January-February 2020 amounted to 132.4 million tonnes, which is 0.7% higher than in the same period last year, the press service of the Association of sea trading ports of Russia (ASOP).

Due to the spread of the coronavirus to possible deficiency of certain vitamins

четверг, 05 марта 2020
The harvest of rye in Russia in 2019 was the lowest since 1965 due to the reduction in acreage to a record low 850 thousand hectares, according to a review Center for agrobaltika subordinate to the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation. Last year Russia harvested 1,428 million tons of rye, which is 488 thousand tons (25.4%) lower than a year earlier.

вторник, 03 марта 2020
Analysts consultancy Strategie Grains increased its forecast of production of rapeseed in the EU in the coming year by 0.2 million tons compared to the previous estimate of up to 17.9 million tons.