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we sell company 26.02.2017 to 19:22

Oil rust RAF, RAF for export

Жмых, шрот, жом, патока

36 700,00 руб.
OOO "Investkorm" sells oil made in (Malaysia, China, Russia) for export from 2000тн 630 -760 $/t

obl Lipeckaya
we sell company 26.02.2017 to 19:21

Sunflower meal 37-39%

Жмых, шрот, жом, патока

10 000,00 руб.
OOO "Investkorm" sells sunflower meal protein content 10 000 -11 500r\t warehouse in Lipetsk region

g Lipeck
we sell company 26.02.2017 to 19:20

Flour meat-and-bone pork+cattle+Turkey 60-62%

Fodder, Additives

19 000,00 руб.
Flour mills 60-62 %

obl Tulskaya
we sell company 26.02.2017 to 19:19

soybean meal Russia 45%

Жмых, шрот, жом, патока

33 000,00 руб.
soybean meal M. D. crude protein in recalculation on 45% price 33 000 RUB., for 1T. non-GMO soybean meal M. D. crude protein in recalculation on 50% at a price of 37000 RUB., 1T. non-GMO soybean meal M. D. crude protein in recalculation on 52%...

g Lipeck
we sell company 26.02.2017 to 19:16

soybean meal, 50

Fodder, Additives

37 000,00 руб.
soybean meal, 50% delivery, pickup

obl Voronezhskaya
we sell Individual 26.02.2017 to 18:20

HUMATE. Liquid humic fertilizer. Sir.


60,00 руб.
Our HUMATE is organic-mineral fertilizer in liquid form, a significant proportion of which is dissolved biohumus (vermicompost). Earthworms recycling organics allocate a huge amount of valuable substances, including Selenium which in our fertilizer 0.3 g\l Selenium using plants...

g Krasnodar
we sell Individual 26.02.2017 to 18:19

Biohumus (vermicompost)


18,00 руб.
Sell biohumus (VERMICOMPOST) is a best natural fertilizer produced by earthworms. Our vermicompost is made by earthworms "Staratel", on the basis of substrate prepared from cattle manure and plant waste management. Worms, passing through 1 ton of compost, give us about half a...

g Krasnodar
we sell company 26.02.2017 to 17:52

Seed potatoes in bulk. Grade Janka


7,00 руб.
Sell seed potatoes. Direct selling! Grade Janka, caliber 3-4., 2 reproduction, 7 rubles/kg. Middle-grade (85-90 days to maturity), yellow with white flesh. In selling the same sort of Rosary, caliber 3-4, 2 reproduction, 6 rubles/kg. Middle-early variety (60 days to...

g Krasnodar
we sell company 26.02.2017 to 17:50

Seed potatoes. Sales throughout the Russian Federation.


6,00 руб.
Sell seed potatoes from the farmer. Grade Rosary, 2 repr. Medium early, red with yellow flesh, 6 rubles/kg. Grade Janka, 2 repr. Middle-yellow with white pulp, 7 rubles/kg. Potatoes stored in wooden boxes and Packed under the client in the case his real interest in buying!...

g Krasnodar
we sell company 26.02.2017 to 16:12

Potatoes in Novosibirsk. Urgent sale!


9,00 руб.
Urgently sell potatoes from a warehouse in Novosibirsk! Mix varieties Nevsky + Tulevski, caliber 5+ Yellow varieties with white and yellow flesh. Possible sale of small wholesale 3-5 tons. Volume of 20 tons, the price is 9 $ /kg cash. Call and ask for details!

g Novosibirsk
we sell Individual 26.02.2017 to 15:47

Milking Machines IMPLS

Для животноводства

38 000,00 руб.
1) the Mobile unit and individual milking MAKS (up to 17 cows) (Turkey) Milking areas - 1 Bucket - 1 piece, 30 l stainless steel. steel Vacuum pump - dry type. 2). Mobile units and individual milking PLS-2 (TANDEM, up to 40 cows) (Turkey) Designed for: milking two cows...

g Moskva
we sell company 26.02.2017 to 15:47

The Granulation line Feed 1 t/h


1 200 000,00 руб.
Granulation line feed (1 t/h) consists of: (depending on desired performance and product granulation, a required capacity and performance of the equipment): 1. Crushers with a pneumatic fence of grain: - Type-DPZ-1, dimensions 710*735*1050mm - Power - 11 kW, capacity...

kv-l Abramcevo
we sell company 26.02.2017 to 15:47

Pellet mill for animal Feed 350 kg/h

Для производства кормов

163 000,00 руб.
In mass media ZLSP used electric or diesel engine. Raw materials - rollers is extruded through a die, the pressure on the product is regulated by special bolts. The length of the pellets can be set by adjusting the position of the cutter. Granulator ZLSP-200B: The...

p Agrogorodok
we buy company 26.02.2017 to 15:41

Buy wheat

Hard wheat, 3 class

negotiable price
Purchase 3 class wheat! The exact price after laboratory analysis of samples. Moisture content to 14.5 Arnosti 2,0 Nature 750 Gluten 23 to 28 IDK 75-105 PE 250 Place of discharge the village of Petrovskoye in the Tambov region.

s Petrovskoe
we produce company 26.02.2017 to 15:40

Wheat flour, bran.


14,00 руб.
Offer wholesale of flour of our own production! Packed in polypropylene bags of 50 kg. Wholesale prices of 20 tons. Self. Top grade top grade GOST TU Second grade GOST TU Bran granular (fuzzy) in bags of 20kg. Tel: 89082996462 - Nicholas. E-mail: