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GK "Agropromkomplektatsiya" invested more than 350 million rubles in strengthening the biosecurity of livestock facilities in the Kursk region. The investment is aimed at strengthening measures to ensure the biosecurity of its own pig-breeding complexes (ICS).
In the agricultural sector has started the new season. Market participants said the "Agroinvestor" like them formed the previous agricultural year and any hopes and fears they associate with 2020/21-m
For the first half of 2020, the total volume of credit funds, issued by Krasnoyarsk of the Russian Federation, the farmers of the region for seasonal works, amounted to more than 800 million rubles. Of these, 38% of loans for a total amount of 302 million rubles decorated at a preferential rate not higher than 5% per annum.
30 June
Brand CURTIS (produced by MAY) released tea, which is brewed in cold water. Now you don't have to wait long when it is cold, hot tea, and you can immediately cool off with tasty and healthy drink.
26 June
"Supply of pumps ZLND 032125 and ZLND 032200" for the needs of the branch "MEZ Yug Rusi Rostov" LLC "MEZ Yug Rusi"
25 June
CLAAS launches the online project "PRO MILK: professionals on processes, manufacturing, product". The portal is a review of the technological cycle of production of feed from tillage for sowing of crops and herbs to storing and compiling the right diet of the cows.