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The key goal is to further increase the export potential of agricultural products, I am sure the future Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
17 January
The development of the Russian agro-food exports has become one of the important topics of the Gaidar forum 2020. Deputy Chairman of the Board of Rosselkhozbank Maxim Lyubomudrov in his speech stressed that the strategy of the credit institution are synchronized with the goals and objectives of the national passport of the project "international cooperation and exports," which also sets a target for doubling exports APK by 2024 to $ 45 billion. The speaker sounded dynamicroot activities of companies and the Bank in the framework of this task.
17 January
"Development of preliminary design, design and working documentation for the object: "a special sanctuary in a medical facility OOO "Olginka" Branch "Chateau Spas"
15 January
"Supply of complete equipment, installation, supervision of installation and commissioning installation "drying Line water fosfatidov. The design capacity of the raw material for 20 tons per day" the building of refining No. 1. Titus. 36 GP. "MEZ Yug Rusi Rostov" LLC "MEZ Yug Rusi"
27 December
Development of working documentation for technical re-equipment, expertise of industrial safety and the receipt of a positive conclusion on the project: "Technical re-equipment of extraction technology of plant of tit. 6 at GP. periormance granulation of the press cake under granulation of the meal. Install expander" Branch of "valuyskiy" LTD "MEZ Yug Rusi"
26 December