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Monday, 24 September 2018
In Transbaikalia will resume passenger flights to remote villages. Flight was already twenty-five years – in the 90-ies kyrinskiy airport on the orders from above were savagely destroyed and abandoned. Today the route Chita-Kyra included in the list of socially important routes. The flights will be performed by the company "Aeroservis". When equipped landing sites in the villages Kyra and Menza, the plane will start to perform regular routes. The ticket for this plane will cost 2.5 thousand rubles. In future we plan to let Kyra and Shuttle bus.

Flower growers are forced to buy seedlings abroad to pay royalties and entirely depend on the fluctuations of currencies. Irina Tells Zemtseva, commercial Director of a large greenhouse complex Podosinki.

Flowers Expo is one of the most beautiful exhibitions. A firework of colors, exotic plants and bright show. Annually the forum attracts much attention of industry professionals and leading market players.

Kyrinskiy mezhposelencheskaya Central regional library maintains an active local history work. The collected materials it produces in the form of pamphlets and books. The library hopes to find a publisher that would cooperate with them on a regular basis - even self-published version of local literature created by kyrinskiy enthusiasts, have already spread all over Russia. The Director kyrinskiy mezhposelencheskaya Central regional library Natalia Bakeeva. 24 Aug 2018, pp. Kyra, Zabaykalsky Krai.

About the history of the border district of Zabaykalsky Krai says Love Zelenova Sakeev, head of the municipal district "Kyrinskiy district." 22 August 2018, Kyra S.

Friday, 21 September 2018
International food exhibition WorldFood Moscow was held in the Expocenter in 27 times. This year it was attended by over a thousand Russian and foreign suppliers of food and beverages from 65 countries. Domestic manufacturers and distributors occupy half of the exhibition space. We talked to the Minister of agriculture of the Dominican Republic, as well as representatives of companies evroprom, Komsnab, a Gummy fairy tale and a Fishing kolkhoz Vostok-1. WorldFood-2018, Expocentre, Moscow, 18 September 2018

Vegetable oil – a mandatory attribute of the kitchen of every housewife. Without this unique product, it is impossible to imagine the salads first and second courses. That's just to create a culinary masterpiece oil must be of high quality. No wonder at the stands of producers of vegetable oils are particularly crowded. This indispensable product is always relevant.

More than 40 regions and 340 companies participated in the IV international exhibition and forum import Substitution - 2018. The exhibition is widely represented regions of Russia. 11 September 2018, Moscow, Crocus city