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Wednesday, 18 July 2018
Recent years, the world Bank is involved in the development of animal husbandry in Kyrgyzstan. Today, the Bank jointly with the government carries out the forced transfer of livestock of the Republic on the use of rational methods of accounting for livestock. Says Ruslan Ajimatov, veterinarian, Chairman of the pasture Committee Alamedin rayon, Chui oblast of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Ruslan Ajimatov, veterinarian, Chairman of the pasture Committee Alamedin rayon, Chui oblast of the Kyrgyz Republic explains the principles of the organization and work of pasture committees of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Committee was formed only in 2009, and already the livestock brought tangible benefits - including the development of infrastructure of pastures.

Friday, 29 June 2018
Around the world crop insurance market is growing, and in Russia by the end of the year he fell. At according to the international Association of agricultural insurers the world insurance market 10 years increased 4 times. And the insurance with state support accounting for at least 70% of insurance fees in 2017 with the state was immune from 30 to 85% of the world's crops. In Russia, on the contrary, in a critical situation. The fall in insured areas compared with the year 2016, 68%. And with state of the insured only 1.7% of the area. These disappointing data announced at the annual General meeting of the National Union of agricultural insurers. This is most clearly the regions where agricultural production is developed, and who have always been active insurers agricultural risks.

The breeding of horses in Kyrgyzstan – traditional livestock. The industry lies entirely on the shoulders of the farmers. Breeder Akzhol Shamuratov buying English horses, and mix it with novokyrgyzsky breed – as a result, the colts acquire a number of outstanding properties from both breeds. Akzhol Has a passion for racing horses and hopes in the near future to arrange a stud.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018
About the nuances of shooting a traditional Mongolian bow says Eugene Gogaev of "the Union of youth and veterans archery".

Thursday, 21 June 2018
The agricultural insurers of Russia and international experts met at a round table to talk about their problems and achievements and to share experience. International round table "agricultural Insurance in Russia. Problems and points of growth" was held in Saint-Petersburg in the framework of the International conference of the Russian Union of insurers.

As you insure the animals and plants of the Spanish farmers? Threatening the farms? How insurers determine the actual insured event in the economy? About the many nuances of the Spanish farmers insurance says josé maría garcía de Francisco, Director of the State institution for agricultural insurance ENESA Ministry of agriculture, fisheries, food and environment of Spain.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018
Dmitry Arshavsky at the conference "Technologies of RAS" says that farming is a real and paper point of view, and that need to develop production of fish food, which was abandoned in 1990