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The Chinese authorities have introduced a three-year plan recovery of production of pigs in order to stabilize the supply of pork to the markets of countries affected by African swine fever, reports on December 6, the Xinhua news Agency.
In the Kurgan region in 2020 to 80% increase the amount of financial support to animal husbandry. For this purpose is planned in the amount of 863 million roubles, have informed correspondent IA REGNUM in the regional government.
The average cost of groceries for the new year table for the year in Russia rose by 16 percent to 446 roubles per person. Such data led analysts IT-company "Motor".
Russia's largest manufacture of desugarization molasses was opened in the Belgorod region.
JSC "FGC" in the framework of the campaign "Winter – summer" launches a service that allows customers to provide rolling stock for the transportation of mineral and construction cargoes on a fixed price throughout the duration of the annual contract. Client requirements for the minimum gruzopodyemnye do not exist.