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Germany will sharply increase production of wheat, winter barley and maize - experts
Wheat production in Germany in 2019. will grow 19.8% to 24.28 million tonnes after last year, the country experienced a severe drought. May forecast only 0.7% below the April. The Agency said Grain Online, citing the Association of German agricultural cooperatives (DRV).
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Production of winter barley is expected to grow compared to the previous year of 32.8% to 9.78 million tons.

The production of spring barley may be reduced by 4.1% to 2.11 million tons.

Production of corn for grain will grow by 30.2% to 4.35 million tons.

But the production of winter rape in Germany could fall by 17.1% to 3.04 million tons in connection with the reduction of the sowing area by 27.5%.




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