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Of the Russian Federation in 2019, will reduce the export of agricultural products to $24-25 billion, but the leadership in the export of wheat
Russia in 2019 will reduce the export of agricultural products to $24-25 billion. However, the position of world leader in the export of wheat in the new agricultural year (July 2019-June 2020) her save succeeds, the General Director of the Institute for agricultural market studies (IKAR) Dmitry Rylko.
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Last year the export of agricultural products amounted to $25.9 billion.
"In the beginning of this year, we forecast a decline in agricultural exports. The result of the first quarter confirmed this trend - exports of agricultural products decreased by 0.1%, the pace of decline in imports was higher - 3%," said Rylko, "Interfax".
According to him, this is the result, above all, substantial reduction of grain exports. "The value of its shipments abroad in the first quarter decreased by 15%", - he said.
In real terms, according to the FCS, exports of wheat in January-March fell by 32%, to 6.6 million tonnes.
Assessment of IKAR, Russia's share in the world market of wheat in the current agricultural year will decrease to 19% from 23% in the last marketing year.
As predicted by manufacturers, the third and fourth quarters of this year, prices for grain and oilseeds will be lower than in the same period last year. "Therefore, despite the growth of exports of other products, its share in total supply will remain small and, most likely, will not allow you to "pull" an overall export of agricultural products", - said the head of IKAR.
At the same time, Rylko believes that, despite the reduction in supply, Russia in new agricultural year will retain the position of world leader in the export of wheat. According to the forecast of IKAR, its exports amounted to 37.8-41 million tons, total grain exports estimated at 48-52,5 million tons.
The grain took a leading share in the Russian food export. So, at the end of 2017 it was (in value terms) of 36.4%. The top position in the export of a "hierarchy" of agricultural products also is vegetable oil, fish and confectionery.
In accordance with the national project "the Export of agricultural products" exports of agricultural products and foodstuffs abroad by 2024 is expected to grow to $45 billion.

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