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Pyrolysis coppers of long burning coal with automatic control, designed for heating of private houses, cottages, garages, workshops, warehouses and other premises. Advantages: The main fuel is coal of any kind; The period of heating one tab — up to 7 days in winter; High efficiency up to 92%; Fuel savings of up to 40%; Made of special steel; Not flammable water grate, not road maintenance; No dust in the house, environmentally friendly; Possibility of regulation of parameters of the combustion process; Consume relatively small power for the fan; Safe, in comparison with boilers on gas, electricity and liquid fuel; Convenient and easy to operate and maintain; Service life of 20 years; Warranty period 2 years on heating element and 1 year for parts; The relatively low cost. Automatic control for fully intelligent feature, when enabled, where the controller focuses on a user-defined coolant temperature sensor, and automatically selects the necessary blowing power of the air, smoothly changing the speed of the turbine, and delivers only the amount of oxygen, which ensures the maintenance of the desired temperature and complete combustion of the fuel. Accurate selection of the ratio of fuel/air gives high efficiency of the combustion process; in comparison with classical control, resulting in fuel savings of 13-20% (depending on fuel type). The control unit controls the operation of the water circulation pump and outlet (turbine). Pyrolysis boilers have a high resistance to movement of gases, the natural draft of the chimney is not enough, so in the boilers requires the use of a fan to inject oxygen into the combustion chamber. Specifications: Pyrolysis boilers on coal, kWh: 15; 20; 35; 40; 54; 120; 150; 230; 430; 530 Efficiency, %: up to 90 The water temperature at the boiler outlet, °C: up to 90 Operating water pressure, MPa , kgf/cm2: up to 2.0 Kind of fuel: bituminous coal of any variety The diameter of the chimney, mm: from 120 to 500 The weight of the loaded fuel, buckets: 10 to 150 Heated area, m2: from 100 to 5000 Burn duration per day: 2 to 5 Dimensions, cm (Width×Height×Depth): 50×155×75 150×170×280 Weight: from 300 to 2000 Power consumption, W: 150 to 600 Cost, rubles: from 89500 to 594000 To clarify the cost and to get more information from the managers of the company Investprom. Warranty: Warranty period 2 years on heating element and 1 year on parts. The company provides post-warranty technical support of sold equipment, information support of the client, performs all kinds of maintenance and repair work. Large stock of spare parts and components, supply of any details under the order, regardless of complexity.