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2017-02-24 16:56:22

г Санкт-Петербург
Молоко, молочные продукты
440,00 руб.
In St. Petersburg opened a cheese plant for the production of Italian cheeses. The head of production experienced technologist, having 12 years of experience with Italian cheeses. One of the areas of production of cheese is mozzarella, ricotta, stracchino, cachette then the range will expand. The legendary delicious world of cheese masterpieces are now producing in our country. We offer mozzarella in balls for 125 gr. and 50 grams. in buckets of 2 kg and 3 kg. Price per kg 440 RUB. Ricotta cost 220 rubles per kilogram. Mozzarella in separate packaging in the package 1 ball 125 gr at a price of 485 per kilogram. Cheeses are made only from fresh milk that is not separated, which gives the cheese a soft creamy taste as if you just visited in Italy. No additives, preservatives, dyes and milk powder, only natural Italian starter. Premiolla is cheeses that have a unique taste and quality and not inferior to foreign analogues.