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Reliable car, small size. The diameter of the lattice 160 mm, Hopper capacity 70 l, Overall dimensions l*W*h 1350*610*1100 Perfectly integrated into the production process, in both small and large food companies, because of its simplicity and the possibility to change size of crushed piece from 25 mm to 2 mm in diameter. - Twin-screw scheme: the first screw - feeding, the second auger - work that effectively delivers the raw material into the cutting zone. - Plenty of comfortable cutting raw materials is provided by the fact that when the diameter of 160 mm gratings takes place less pressure on raw material cutting unit, the result is crushing of muscle fibers. - Is simple in construction, convenient in maintenance and repairs. Spinning tops are produced completely stainless - all parts in contact with foodstuffs, and a case made of stainless steel, except for the reducer, pulley and under engine plate.