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Михаил Николаевич
+7 928 145 55 84
обл Ростовская
Семена, посевной материал
130,00 руб.
The company implements Agromaster seed. Azov grade: a Distinctive feature of the variety is its large fruit size (weight of 1000 seeds 90-110 g). Cultivar Azov highly productive (25-35 t/ha), vysokomolochnye (49-52%). Sort of Azov is included in the State register of breeding achievements. Nerd: vysokomolochnye Early maturing sunflower variety Nerd - new 2014. Has high cold tolerance and excellent resistance to stress conditions. The vegetation period of 84-86 days. The seed yield of 3.6 t/ha. Cossack: Weight of 1000 seeds is 80 to 95 g. the Variety in the length of growing period refers to the group of early ripening. The period from germination to economic maturity in the conditions of Rostov region 85-87 days. The potential productivity of the varieties Cossack - 25-33 kg/ha. Вниимк100: the New early-ripening sunflower variety VNIIMK 100 included in the state register of breeding achievements. Recommended for cultivation in all areas of sunflower cultivation in the Russian Federation. The seed yield of 3.43 t/ha. the Vegetation period of 76 days. Mercury hybrid: Early maturing high-yielding oilseed hybrid mercury adapted to cultivation in different soil and climatic zones. The hybrid is able to provide seed yield of up to 4.5 t/ha. the Mass of 1000 seeds of 98.1 g Price mercury 280 RUB/kg. Note: bags of 25 and 30 kg VAT no.