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2020-03-20 12:37:27

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Сухов Вадим Юрьевич
+7 921 913 13 47
г Санкт-Петербург
Ремонт и сервисное обслуживание
10 000,00 руб.
The company "Fracht" is a supplier of original spare parts CargoFloor. We can also offer professional repair and maintenance of any system of movable floors Cargo Floor (Saint-Petersburg, Bratsk). Repair and maintenance of semi-trailers, trailers, Shabozov is internal and external forces of our employees who have received special training for working with systems cargo Flour and also have great professional experience in this field. Currently, the repair of the trailers are made only on the territory of St. Petersburg and Bratsk, however our network of repair shops is constantly expanding and soon You will be able to use our services in other cities. -We repair units and units CargoFloor, as well as replacement original parts CargoFloor, including: -Overhaul movable floors CargoFloor; -Replacement of floor profiles, extrusions, grommets and tips; Control elaboration of a movable floor; Control state of the hydraulic system of the movable floor; -Replacement and repair of hydraulic components of the system rolling floor. The undoubted benefits of working with our company include the low cost of spare parts, their availability in almost all driving positions as well as the specialization of our company is on the CargoFloor system that allows repair of any complexity in the shortest possible time and at a high professional level. For all ongoing repairs and installed parts our company provides official warranty. During the production of any work we provide information support to our customers on maintenance and commissioning work of system of mobile of flooring CargoFloor. More information on our website vvloer and phone number on the profile. Knapen, cargo floor, cnapn, cargo Flor, knapen, knapen, trailer, semitrailer, schepovoz, cargofloor