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2015-03-16 09:16:50

обл Белгородская
Комбикорма, зерносмеси
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Company Miratorg, the company offers prestarter of own production, specially designed for best results in growing pigs. Prestarter manufactured in our own production is a practical experience and comprehensive approach to growing healthy animals used in complexes of the holding. Prestarter designed taking into account the last world achievements and is produced on lines equipped with imported equipment. All manufactured feed is comply with international standard ISO 22000:2005. and is confirmed by certificates of safety management system of food products. Can be produced according to individual recipes. Production is transported in polypropylene bags weighing 25 kg. on pallets. Possible to ship cars and railway transport. Tel: (4722)EXT 58-64-00 70139 Mob. 8(910)360 19 34 Paul
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