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Poland: this year under the sign of ASF
Last days of the year is a good time to take stock. From the perspective of hogs 2017 for the breeders of Poland was definitely good, however, considering the collapse of the market in the end of the year, as well as the development of the African plague of pigs, farmers are difficult to be optimistic about the future.
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In 2017, the poles were, full of enthusiasm - the prices in the beginning of the year was established at a sufficiently profitable level. Very important was the fact that, as data on the number of pigs in Europe and the situation in the Chinese market have indicated that pig production will be profitable for a long time. Unfortunately, summer began to feel the first signs of the upcoming crisis, and the last quarter of the year brought a strong drop in prices. At current prices for pigs in many farms is difficult to maintain the profitability of production.

2017 breeders of Poland will be remembered as the year the astronomical prices for pigs. At the end of the summer imported from Denmark of animals the farmers were asked more than 350 PLN (83 EUR). At such high prices on the profitability of pigs fattening left much to be desired. The greatest losses were suffered by farmers who purchased animals at the end of the summer. They bought pigs still at the old prices, and pigs sold in new, significantly lower. At the end of the year the price of pigs is normal, but in spite of this, with the current low prices for pigs you can meet the farmers who temporarily abandon feeding.

But most of all the outgoing year will be remembered for the epidemic of African swine fever. In the last 12 months there have been several times more outbreaks and cases of ASF than during the first three years the presence of the disease in Poland. Lack of ideas for the fight against ASF has led to the fact that in 2017, ASF has spread to many areas, which until that time were free from disease. Symbolic was the appearance of several dozen cases of African swine fever around Warsaw.

Unfortunately, there is no sign that the situation will soon improve. There are many signs that in the next 12 months, the cases of Achs will appear in the Western part of Poland. So, last week, chief veterinary officer of the country has registered 84 new outbreaks of the disease in wild boars.

Kaliningrad branch of the interregional ecological public organization "Green front"

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