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Udmurtiya will test the blockchain in the management of agricultural land and state property.
The region has all necessary conditions for testing advanced information projects.
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The government of the Udmurt Republic plans to test the blockchain technology in public management in 2018. The pilot could be in the field of monitoring agricultural lands and of state and municipal property. TASS on Thursday on the sidelines of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum, said Deputy Chairman of the government of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Svinin.



"We are now at the stage of choosing projects for testing blockchain technology in the public administration in 2018. Most likely it will be the theme involving land in agriculture and management of state and municipal property," said Svinin.

He noted that in the Udmurt Republic has all necessary conditions for testing advanced information projects.



"In Udmurtia 6% of the gross regional product creates an IT industry, we have their IT companies a large number. We also specially created for this purpose in the new government, the whole Ministry of IT and new technologies. They have their own information center and there's about 60 programmers working. There are also business and public tools for the implementation of such projects", - said pork.

Krasnoyarsk economic forum will be held from 12 to 14 April. His main subject is "Russia 2018 - 2024: realizing the potential". TASS is a strategic information partner of the forum.



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