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Monday, 21 October 2019
AGCO-RM, one of the leaders of the Russian market of distribution of agricultural equipment, announces a price reduction on a generic tractor Massey Ferguson 6713.

Farmers in Primorsky region in 2019 plan to collect 410 thousand tons of soybeans and 300 thousand tons of corn, higher than last year.

OOO "Novotrans Aktiv" received patent No. 2702965 from 14.10.19 on the invention "System and method for identification of train number plate details on their surfaces with stamps and signs of marking".

At the end of the 2018 agricultural production cooperative (SPK) "Kolkhoz-Plemzavod Lenin" signed with the insurance company "the Consent" contract of voluntary insurance against natural hazards winter wheat and barley in total area of 10.7 thousand hectares.

Dagestan state agrarian University named after M. M. Dzhambulatova (Dagga) invites students of agricultural universities of the country to participate in the all-Russia contest "Student leader of the agricultural universities – 2019". The competition will take place in three stages, head to the final stage and awarding ceremony will be held in late November in Moscow.

Friday, 18 October 2019
"The forecast of the National Union of agricultural insurers about the possibility of losses of winter crops in the Stavropol region confirmed: one of the insurance companies - members of the NRA announced the start of procedures for the settlement of large loss in the region. According to the forecast of NSA, this benefit may be one of the largest in the crop at the moment," said the President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov.

Region: Volga-don basin, the Azov sea, Black sea, Caspian sea Tonnage: Bonfire

Rosstat also counted on growth over July and August

Government decision No. 1432 is the major mechanism for modernization of agricultural production in Russia. Changes in the program will lead to very negative consequences: a significant reduction in the rate of updating of machine and tractor Park to the failure of the strategic objectives of agricultural development.

Thursday, 17 October 2019
The new facility will enable the region to solve the problem of surplus seeds The authorities of Altai region appealed to the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation with a proposal to support the construction of a new oil extraction plant.

State Secretary – Deputy Minister of agriculture Ivan Lebedev participated in the interregional meeting "the Leaders of digital development" in the Krasnodar region, which made a report on the digitalization of the agricultural sector in the regions of Russia

Argentine scientists have discovered a gene that slows the development of lateral roots of plants, and find it useful to turn it off. The discovery lays the Foundation for improving the ability of crops to better absorb water and nutrients from the soil and adapt to drought, salinity and other adverse conditions

21 October 2019 in Moscow will be a presentation of the potential of agro-industrial complex of the Voronezh region for attraction of foreign partners, promotion of the image of the industry outside the region, and establishing relationships with potential stakeholders.

October 12 marks the 15th anniversary of the day when on the shelves of Rostov was born, bread is called "Yug Rusi" in this day was launched the plant, the likes of which don land has never known.

Cherkizovo group, Russia's largest producer of meat products, started the sales of chicken meat under the brand "Petelinka" in the Siberian Federal district. All products are supplied to shops of the region, produced at the enterprise "Altai broiler", where this year the first stage of modernization.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019
"Agricultural insurance in the countries of the Eurasian economic community is looking for new ways. At the moment the most developed in the Eurasian economic Union is a Russian system for the protection of agricultural risks, which entered into a phase of active development, but in other countries of the community are also discussed or already implemented new schemes of insurance protection", – said the President of the National Union of agricultural insurers the Roots of Beidou, presenting a report on the current trends in agricultural insurance in the world and in the countries of the Eurasian economic community to Eurasian industrial Congress "Integration", which took place on October 15 in Moscow.

In Kursk region the official dealer of CLAAS company "Atlant" has conducted demonstration tests of high-precision correction signal CLAAS RTK NET – HxGN SmartNet when working on the tractor AXION 950. Their results confirmed not only high, up to 1 cm, the accuracy of the motion machine, but close to 100% stability of the connection, depending on the nature of operation of the machine to reconnect to the mobile providers spent from 0.07 to 0.57% of the operating time of the communications equipment.

"Cherkizovo group" (TM "Petelinka", "PAVA-PAVA"), Russia's largest meat producer, took part in the meeting of leaders of the Russian meat processing enterprises. During the event, chief analyst Andrew Delnov spoke about the global factors that may affect domestic producers of meat products in the coming years.

All the latest models of the series 6M characterized by a new cockpit design, which became lighter and more modern, and the improved soundproofing made it possible to achieve noise level to only 70 dB (A). All important controls are located on the right console is fully updated, and the model with the CommandQuad transmission can be optionally equipped with Compact CommandArm, so the controls will be located on the armrest.