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Spring sowing in the Ivanovo region conducted in 87% of the planned areas
On may 20, in the agricultural enterprises of all forms of ownership the sowing of spring crops made on the area of 56,7 thousand hectares, or 87% of the plan. As reported in the Department of agriculture and food of the Ivanovo region, the rate of planting exceeds the previous year by 13.9 thousand hectares.
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The plan of sowing of oilseeds and maize for feed is made entirely planted 0.8 million hectares and 3.4 hectares respectively. Perennial herbs planted 91% of the planned area (2,3 ha), technical crops, including flax-dolgunets – 90% (0.7 thousand ha), spring grains and leguminous crops – 88% (40.4 thousand hectares), annual grasses – 79% (8.2 thousand ha), vegetable crops – 60% (0.2 thousand hectares), potatoes – 53% (of 0,6 thousand hectares).

Note that the largest area of spring sowing is celebrated in Gavrilovo-Posadsky area of 16.4 thousand hectares, and in Rodnikovskiy – 6.2 thousand ha, Shuya – 5.3 hectares, Puchezh – 4,6 thousand ha, Savino – 3.7 thousand hectares areas.

Ongoing fertilizing of agricultural crops. At the moment, mineral fertilizers fueled winter crops on the area of 15.4 thousand hectares, or 96% of the plan, as well as perennial grasses on the area of 7.1 thousand hectares, or 67% of the plan.




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