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The average yield of potatoes in Europe may be 34 900 kg per hectare
About good prospects from the point of view of productivity of potatoes in the European Union, according to analysts
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According to a recent report MARS, the average yield of potatoes in the EU is projected to 34 900 kg per hectare, an increase of 14% compared to last year, when the figure was 30 600 and 3.2% compared to the average over the last five years, when it was 33 800 kg.

The greatest leap in the yields of potatoes in comparison with the previous season is expected in Germany: 26% - from 35 to 400 kg 44 700 kg per ha. also It is more by 2.7% compared with the figure for the last five years, which is 43 500 kg.

As for France, here is expected to increase by 11% compared to 2018: 43 600 kg compared to the previous 39 400. However, growth will be 2.6% if we take into account the value of the last five years that show the average yield of 42 400 kg.

Dutch farmers are involved in this race for leadership of potato and expect a raise plus 21%: 44 300 kg against last year's figures 36 600, which is 4% higher five-year value 42 600 kg.

The UK remains in its stable rates with the yield forecasts 41 600 kg, only 3% more than in 2018, and repeats the data for the last five years.

As for Spain, the European Commission says an average yield of 29 900 kg per hectare in 2019, which roughly corresponds to 2018, when they accounted for 29 800 kg per ha, which is 4.4% below the results obtained in average over five years.

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