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The national Union of agricultural insurers held a seminar for farmers of the Kirov region
More than 50 agricultural producers in Kirov region attended the seminar-meeting on issues of agricultural insurance, which was held on 22 August in Kirov national Union of agricultural insurers at the invitation of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the region.
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The event was opened by Deputy Minister of agriculture of the region Evgeny Sofronov, who pointed out the importance of the use of insurance instruments to protect against agricultural risk. Representatives of the NSA told selhozproizvoditeljam and representatives of regional agricultural administrative bodies about the principles of organization and current state of the system of agricultural insurance, as well as the opportunities that appeared after the changes in the relevant legislation this year, and answered numerous questions of the farmers. The event was also attended by representatives of insurance companies AlfaStrakhovanie, VSK, "Rosselkhozbank-Insurance," "Consent", "Energogarant".

"Kirov oblast belongs to the category of regions where insurance selkhozizdat yet has not received development – says the President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov. Since the commencement of the unified system of agricultural insurance in 2016, the region is not subsidized expenses of farmers for insurance. This year one of the enterprises of the region signed a contract of risk insurance of livestock, but the issue of subsidies is still not solved. But the interest of the Vyatka farmers to insurance issues, which they demonstrated at the workshop, NSA, shows that the region can develop as crop insurance and insurance of farm animals, if will be provided state support".


According to NSA, in the Kirov region in 2017 and 2018 was introduced a state of emergency in connection with the losses in agriculture. The loss of farmers resulted in the rot of winter crops, waterlogging of the soil, heavy rain and hail. In 2019 there are also cases hail: according to the information that was shared at the seminar representatives of regional agribusiness, one farm suffered hail damage in the amount of about 7 million.

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