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Akron built an additional unit of ultrafiltration water
The Acron group has its own production site in Veliky Novgorod carried out a test run of the newly built modern production plant ultrafiltrating water. Additional ultrafiltration is intended to cover the growing capacity of new and retrofit facilities. Now the new equipment is in the process of commissioning.
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– The decision to place the new installation in the shop ammonia-4 is associated with the possibility of heating of river water secondary energy resources, – said the head of Department Evgeny Volkov. – While the annual energy savings will be approximately 60-65 million rubles. The new unit will allow a feeding of cooling towers workshop Vic with river water in the purest ultrafiltrating that have a positive impact on the job water coolers are most of the shops.

The production capacity of the plant is 950 tons ultrafiltrating of water per hour. About 600 of them plan to use in the shop ammonia-4 to cover their own needs, the remaining part will be exported in the original network.

Currently, the main construction work is finished. Commissioning is scheduled for completion by the end of October. After this new installation for the production of ultrafiltrating water needs to reach the normal mode of operation.

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