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To calculate the density of planting corn easier
On the website of the DEKALB brand corn in traditional breeding, owned by Bayer, a new online service. Calculator of density of planting will help farmers in preparation for the season 2020.
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The slightest miscalculation agronomist can be costly to the agricultural enterprise, given the current cost of seed and crop protection agents. And it's not only about the lost, but also about nepolozhennom harvest. One of the options in agronomy, which requires very careful calculations, is the density of sowing.

"To date, it has been empirically demonstrated that the density has a tremendous impact on the disclosure of the yield of corn. However, the problem of its calculation depending on the genetic characteristics of hybrids and soil-climatic conditions of growth in the industry is one of the most important, - says Roman Kharlamov, head of development Department of technology DEKALB in Russia. - So, too sparse crops of corn are unable as a species to take advantage of all environmental resources of the area, but when excessive thickening they inhibit each other, not allowing them to have productivity".

It is impossible to ignore the compensatory property of some hybrids, which is reflected in the ability to lay a larger number of rows on the cob and grains per row, then it is better to pour at a negative pressure of crops and subject to the availability of sufficient moisture and nutrients. Under optimal reduction of seeding rates of hybrids can significantly increase crop yield.

Thus, the calculation of density becomes a matter of utmost importance in technology and painstaking. To assist farmers in the selection of this parameter in the first stage, the manufacturer and was implemented in an online calculator density for hybrids DEKALB.

"Of course, it is worth remembering that the results of this calculator are preliminary recommendation and does not substitute consultation of the manufacturer's representative out on the field. But he will be invaluable in the first stage," concluded Roman Kharlamov.



DEKALB is a range of corn hybrids with traditional breeding.

Corn DEKALB is known to Russian farmers for more than 20 years. Especially prevalent products in the Central Chernozem region and in the South, where corn is one of the main cultivated crops. In DEKALB portfolio, realised in the Russian market, more than 20 types of hybrids, traditional breeding 5 maturity groups with different indices of FAO.

Part products 2015 made in Russia. In 2018, with 260 hectares of acreage located in the Krasnodar territory and the Voronezh region, were collected over 25 000 seed units* mid-season hybrid, DKS 4014 (FAO 340).



* 1 sowing unit (p. E.) = 1 bag with 80,000 seeds



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