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Brand "may" have released a new drink "Herbs of Russia"
Within the development segment of the teas with herbal supplements the brand "Maisky" (OOO "MAY") issued a drink "Herbs of Russia". The structure includes mint, rose hips and fragrant thyme on a base of black tea.
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The project was implemented from scratch in just 4 months, a record for the manufacturer "MAY" in the speed of realization of innovative product. Tea tasters have developed a blend that immediately received high marks from consumers.

The leader of the brand Irina Ivchenko noted that the company has big plans for the development of segments "Tea with herbal additives" and "Pure herbal tea."


Special mention deserves the name sub-brand. "Plants of Russia" were born easily and naturally, because this title fully reflects the brand positioning "may", its traditional values, close people in Russia. "We are confident that this sub-brand, along with "Ivan-tea", will further help the brand "may" strengthen national love", – said Irina.

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