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Orenburg oblast in 2020 plans to increase the volume of state support of agriculture in 2019 - sent 3.7 billion rubles
Orenburg oblast in the current year was sent to support agriculture 3.7 billion roubles, next year the regional budget provides increased funding for all measures of state support of agriculture, the press service of the government of Orenburg region with reference to the head of the region Denis Pasler.
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The Governor held a meeting with heads of agricultural enterprises and the leadership of the relevant Ministry, where he discussed upcoming changes in the order of provision of state support measures and related issues.

Pasler said that in 2020 the receipt of state will be strictly regulated and linked to a number of economic and social indicators. These include the level of wages, which should not be below regional average for the industry; the number of employees that must be treated areas; the absence of debt on obligatory payments and taxes; insurance of crops; performance; compliance with agrotechnical requirements.

"State support must, above all, to encourage the development of agribusinesses. (...) The situation in the agriculture area, it is necessary to change radically. In the draft budget for next year, all measures of state support inherent with growth. And the money should be the driver for increasing the efficiency of agricultural production", - quotes Pasler press service.

The report notes that along with an unrelated support in crop subsidies to meat and dairy farming from the state of breeding and selection work, subsidies for purchasing agricultural machinery and fertilizers Orenburg farmers also receive other forms of assistance.

"So, in October, thanks to the adjustment of the regional rate, the cost of electricity for agricultural enterprises decreased by 11%. This decline is most favorably affect the cost of dairy products, in which the "energy" share in the winter grows to 20%", - stated in the message. In total this year to support dairy farming region has sent more than 280 million rubles, said the press service.

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Friday, 14 August 2020
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