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Consumer prices in Russia since the beginning of the year increased by 0,4%
Consumer prices in Russia for the period from 10 to 13 January increased on average by 0.1%, from the beginning of 2020 — by 0.4%. such data results the Federal service of state statistics (Rosstat).
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During the four days of millet rose on average by 0.7%, eggs — by 0.4%, sugar — by 0.3%, sunflower oil and rice — by 0.2%; pork, chicken, noodles and biscuits — 0.1%.

Simultaneously, buckwheat prices dropped by 0.4%, boiled sausage and full-fat cottage cheese — by 0.2%.

Prices for fruits and vegetables increased on average by 1.3%, including cucumbers became more expensive on 3,3%, potatoes — by 2.1%.

The prices for automobile gasoline for the accounting period on the average has not changed, on diesel fuel — rose 0.1%.

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