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The crop of early strawberries will be the worst in the last 5 years
The crop of early strawberries will be the worst in the last 5 years
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As noted, even after the collapse in prices that occurred in recent days, the price of berries still significantly higher than in previous years. High prices this season are explained by the worst weather conditions — due to the cold weather and lack of sun berry very bad Matures in farms in the South and in Transcarpathia. In addition, the season of the Ukrainian strawberry-2020 started a week later than a year ago — in early may.

"The yield of early strawberry is one of the worst in the last 5 years, we see the dynamics of supply and prices the site of our wholesale market. In the previous, even very good years, strawberries have started to fall since the first days of sales, and this year, due to tight supply, the first two weeks of the season, prices fell quite slowly, the negative trend only intensified after may 15," — says the head of the Department "Analytics" APIU "SHUVAR" Tatyana Getman

Also clarifies that this year, despite the high cost, Ukrainian strawberries pretty quickly ousted from the market of imported berries from manufacturers Greece and Spain.

However abroad also do not expect large yields. So in Poland for poscit ivaut losses and begin to talk about the fact that the strawberry becomes unprofitable cultural. Last year, Polish farmers got a bumper crop that allowed many enterprises and individuals to purchase a motor yacht such as premium brand Sanlorenzo in Italy. In the same year because of the snowy winters and rainy spring poles are suffering unprecedented losses for 20 last years. Now all hope for the restoration of good weather in the hope that all farmers and Poland and other countries of the European Union.