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Facts and figures of online business forum, technical visits and meetings 1-on-1 "Gardens of Russia and CIS 2020"
I hasten to remind you that registration for the 3rd online business forum, technical visits and meetings 1-on-1 "Gardens of Russia and the CIS", (8-11 July 2020) closes July 1, 2020.
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The online forum in facts and figures:

  • 300+ leaders of the largest horticultural farms in Russia and CIS countries: the Gardens of Stavropol, the Fruits of the old Crimea Agrofirm southern, Agronomist-garden, Tula berry, Grigor gardens, Southern Earth, Crimson dawn, Abrau-Dyurso, Alma Production, Massandra, agriculture, agro Steppe, Wine holding Ariant, inform lines, Kuban-Vino, Donetsk valley agricultural Tavdinskaya, Berries of the earth, R-agro, TPK Sava Kolos Kubani, FROM Societá Agricola Cooperativa, Agrovin-Sultan, Central Chernozem Fruit and Berry Company, Artvin, Grant, Antey-garden, Tambov gardens, SC Cinco, orchard and many more
  • 40+ speakers will take part in the business program online forum: Roman Nekrasov, Director of the Department of plant, mechanization, chemicalization and plant protection Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation; Natalia Solovyova, acting head of the Department for phytosanitary surveillance and seed control the Rosselkhoznadzor; Alexander Zarubin, Head of fruit-berry cultures, grapes and ornamental plants, Heartcause; Aydin Shirinov, Chairman of the Gardens of Stavropol; Julia Vasilyeva, General Director, Fruits of Old Crimea; Nicola Zanotelli, Director, FROM Societá Agricola Cooperativa; Sergey Tarakhno, Executive Director, agricultural South; Olga Segal, Managing fruit gardens, Grigor gardens and many others
  • 2 technical video of the visit and the session of questions/answers with leading companies in the horticultural industry: "the Fruit of Old Crimea" (Russia) and "FROM the ITALIAN ALPS" (Italy)
  • Online training club for agronomists: intensive training from Photomagenta!
  • Exhibition and presentation of innovative technologies from leading companies: Artes Politecnica, Corteva Agriscience, FBR ELPO, GEOFLOW TOPRAK ALTI DAMLA SULAMA SAN. VE TIC.A.S., Stoller, Vivai Nischler d. Nischler Georg & C. s.s., I-Plast, Arista Lifshits Rus, ArcelorMittal distribution solutions Vostok, Winprof, Group of companies "Agrokhimprom", the Company Agroprogress, National intellectual development, Rosselkhozbank, Rossojusholodprom and others.
  • Gold sponsor: Photomagenta; Silver sponsors: the Helios Group, AgriTecno; Bronze sponsors: Advice&Consulting, Unitec, ADAMA Agricultural Solutions

To register

To register, contact me at the contact information listed below or click on
the link.

Organiser: Vostock Capital

Tel: +7 495 109 9 509 (Moscow)

E-mail: Events@vostockcapital.com

Official website: gardensforum.ru

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