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The resumption of Pnevmoplevritah WALINGA (Canada)
The company "ZHASKO" in June of this year has resumed deliveries of pnevmoplevritah WALINGA.
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JSC "ZHASKO" is the official distributor Walinga inc. (Canada) on the territory of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan for many years. The company ZHASKO supplies pnevmoplevritah Walinga, their warranty and service.

The Company Walinga Inc., Canada, manufactures pneumatic conveying equipment for handling grain and other similar physical properties of bulk products for over sixty years.

Pnevmoplevritah (pneumatic grain loaders) Walinga are versatile, mobile and compact units for transport and loading of grain, allowing you to quickly and efficiently perform the loading and unloading of road, rail transport, containers food storage, ships to transport the product to silnoproud different trajectory to a height of 30 meters and a range of up to 100 meters while maintaining the high performance and the integrity of the grain.

The Company Walinga Inc. is a recognized world leader in the manufacturing of pneumatic conveying equipment for the grain.

Pnevmoplevritah Walinga proven themselves on the Russian enterprises. The volumes of supply and satisfaction of consumers the company "ZHASKO" repeatedly awarded gold and diamond certificates as one of the best dealers in the world promoting equipment Walinga inc.

But last year, a sharp jump in the dollar provoked a significant decline in demand for equipment of foreign manufacture. And the situation for the supply of equipment Walinga was no exception.

After some time, when the situation stabilized, renewed demand for canadian pnevmoplevritah. So, one of our regular partners is a large-scale construction of a feed plant on Sakhalin. The company ZHASKO, along with other equipment for this plant was purchased and pnevmoplevritah Walinga, which is necessary for the unloading of grain from sea containers. The supply of pnevmoplevritah organized from Canada directly to the island.

In Canada, as almost everywhere in the world, pnevmoplevritah mainly operate from the PTO of the tractor, respectively, it pnevmoplevritah from the PTO account for stock of the company Walinga, and the pneumatic motor or diesel drive is made to order. In Russia, however, mainly used the electric. A traditional feature of the Russian market of agricultural machinery and equipment are short delivery times.

To resolve the situation and in time to provide the customer the necessary equipment could made AO ZHASKO special power unit.

While pnevmoplevritah delivered to the customer on the Sakhalin sea transport, ZHASKO, the program of import substitution, made for him the power block. The power unit allows pnevmoplevritah not only from the drive of the tractor, but also from the electrical networks, which makes the technique more versatile.

Also, this experience has shown that significantly reduce delivery times.

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