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Fodder, Additives
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Enzyme feed additive on the basis of fungal phytase activity is not less than 5000 phytase units/g (the producer strain of Aspergillus niger). The enzyme phytase, which is part 3A Phytase 5000, hydrolyzes phytates from cereals, releasing phosphorus in the feed. Introduction 3A 5000 Phytase in the diets of pigs and poultry, it raises the bioavailability of phosphorus, mineral elements (calcium, zinc and copper), amino acids, nutrient and energy value of feeds containing different types of cereals (wheat, rice, cottonseed, etc.) and oilseeds (soybean, rapeseed, peanut, etc.), the decline in urinary nitrogen excretion. In this regard, the rate of input feed of inorganic phosphorus, calcium, protein and synthetic amino acids may be reduced. The introduction of the product normalizes metabolism, increases the productivity of pigs and poultry.
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