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Santosa MS is a multienzyme complex composed by the enzymes produced by the strain Trichoderma reesei: xylanase activity is not less than 20 000 IU/g β-glucanase activity is not less than 3 000 units/g, cellulase activity is not less than 1 500 u/g, produced by the strain Aspergillus niger: the protease activity is not less than 2 000 IU/g of β-mannanase activity is not less than 1 800 u/g, pektinaza activity is not less than 750 u/g and filler is up to 100%. The enzymes included in the composition Santasi MS, in the gut break down non-starch polysaccharides, improving the digestion of feed. Introduction Santasi MS in the diets of pigs, increase productivity, improve animal health and their conditions of detention. Norms add in for pigs amount to 100-150 g/ton of feed, for piglets – 150-200 g/ton of feed.
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