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Иванов Олег
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+7 966 249 05 15
г Йошкар-Ола
Ремонт и сервисное обслуживание
10,00 руб.
The company "NPK GROWTH" will assume the obligation to make rubber wheel of any diameter. Now increasingly began to replace rubber wheels polyurethane. The plastic material is poorly erases Xia, loads of action and versatile. We also protect metal surfaces from corrosion and mechanical Erasure with the help of Humira-tion, which allows to prolong their service life. Gumming the exposed wheels, shafts and rollers. Our staff will help you become the owner of quality wheels, which are more resistant to th-th surface and well applied in practice. Welding of wheels is performed according to strict criteria, clearly followed all the rules of technology. Our company gives quality guarantee for all manufactured products. You can choose from a variety of color palettes and material for coating products which are designed for corrosive environment. Specialized equipment allows our specialists to perfectly cope with these tasks, practical experience gives the ability to produce products in a short time what the witness is improved in the positive feedback from our customers. Our professionals will make the equipment (product) according to your drawings (samples), the individual-alemu technical specification. Our website: http://rost-npk.ru We will be glad to cooperation!