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+7 966 249 05 15
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The company "NPK GROWTH" produces polyurethane parts: gaskets, sleeves, cuffs, guides, gears, dampers, surface sieving, conveyor rollers, molded products, they are designed for a variety of devices. The range of variation of hardness of polyurethane products is very wide: from rigid plastics to flexible rubbers with high elasticity. They are therefore used in various fields: oil and gas industry, printing, light industry, mechanical engineering, agriculture (industrial washing, combine harvesters, agricultural equipment) and many other areas. Our experts manufacture products of any size for your equipment, which will differ from other high quality, long service life, no need to replace for a new one. Polyurethane has replaced rubber, rubber, plastic and even steel. Products of polyurethane is 2.5 times stronger than hurt us and not deformed, the operating life exceeds 4-5 times the analog. They are resistant, elastic, impact resistant, have dielectric properties, polyurethane is also resistant to impact-the effects of ultraviolet radiation and seawater. Manufacture of articles of polyurethane consists of the following steps: 1. The manufacturer of the sample of the designed product, 2. The production of molds, 3. The production of finished products. The company "NPK GROWTH" will be glad to produce polyurethane products for various purposes. For our services is warranted. Our company in a short time will produce products and equipment according to your drawings (samples), You can also choose the color and material for the product. Our website: http://rost-npk.ru We will be glad to cooperation!