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2020-06-26 15:53:26

+7 473 210 62 52
обл Липецкая
Проектирование и строительство с/х объектов
1,00 руб.
The design of complexes of post-harvest food processing crop production, grain elevators, enterprises for processing of vegetable raw materials, examination of existing elevators, grain cleaning and drying systems; Construction and installation of processing plant material, reconstruction of old elevators, grain cleaning and drying systems, computerization and automation; and service manufactured and assembled equipment, complexes, automation of production, introduction of modern management systems with electronics; the Design, manufacture and installation of metal structures;, consultation and supervision. More information please call +7 (473) 210-62-52 or on the website www.atsvoronezh.ru., On all questions ab.ats@yandex.ru and ats.vrn@rambler.ru