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March 20, Director General of Rostselmash Valeri Maltsev, the head of the city administration of Rostov-on-don Vitaly Kushnarev landed on the territory of the Rostov zoo Park of 90 trees. Employees of the company also updated the green zone, a favourite place of rest of Rostovites.
21 March
The Russian government instructed the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) of Russia to monitor prices for fuel and lubricants (POL), and fertilizers for farmers, said the government's materials.
20 March
In Russia not the first year there is a shortage of capacity for storing grain. Most of the available elevators and floor storage warehouses were built over 30 years ago, and today they are businesses with a high level of costs, not always ensuring the safety of the grain.
20 March
The introduction of restrictions has not played anyone on the hand, the head of the state.
20 March
The growth of prices for food products in the region corresponds to the growth in the whole country
19 March
11 - 11 April
Российская конференция «Инновации в инженерной инфраструктуре тепличных комплексов-2019»
г. Краснодар
17 - 18 April
Выставка «Биомасса: топливо и энергия - 2019»
г. Москва
23 - 25 April
Краевой форум и выставка технологий "Русское яблоко"
г. Краснодар

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