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British magazine Farmers Weekly has listed some of the largest farms in the world. We are talking about mega-complexes with more than 1 million hectares of farmland, or about companies with the population from 100 000 dairy cows.
17 March
Innovations reduce the cost of farmers.
15 March
The nearest wheat futures last week fell to 09.03.18 1.11 USD to 179,67 USD. March 5 wheat daily decreased by 13 March futures reached 178,39 USD. Export sales of the week amounted to 391,476 thousand tons, which was within the expectations (200 to 500 kt). Sales of the new harvest was 36,898 their customers tons the Fact that export sales of wheat for the reporting week were within the market expectations, supported by quotes from more significant drop
14 March
The nearest future to 09.03.2018 sharply fell by 11.58 USD to 378,18 USD. March 12, the drop in prices gave way to consolidation and the end of the trading day the price has increased to USD 379,65. From 5 to 8 March quotes for soybeans declined gradually, but after leaving a forecast balance USDA futures fell sharply
14 March
"Agrotur 2018" is a unique project, launched specifically to introduce clients with the most effective development from EuroChem.
14 March
21 - 22 March
Агросезон - 2018
05 - 08 April
ДальПищеПром - 2018
11 - 13 April
Агроуниверсал 2018
Ставропольский край, г. Михайловск
17 - 19 April
Выставка продуктов питания и напитков InterFood St. Petersburg
25 - 26 April
9-я международная выставка халяльной продукции «Moscow Halal Expo 2018»
Второй век подряд известнейшая немецкая фирма занимается производством семян технических культур, которые, так уж совпало, являются и самыми прибыльными для российских фермеров. Давайте познакомимся с этой компанией и узнаем, кто и как может заработать на продукции из семян от Штрубе.
Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev at session of the government of the Russian Federation stated that Russia could take the first place in the world in wheat exports and second in exports of grain as a whole.
16 March
According to operative data of the Federal customs service of Russia, on March 14, exported to 36.4 million tons of grain, which is 39% higher than the same period last season (26.2 million tons)
16 March
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