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The production of rapeseed oil in Ukraine has reached record volumes
In Ukraine, the production of rapeseed oil in August 2016, was 28.9 thousand tons
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It 195,6% more than the previous month. This increase is due to the receipt of canola a new crop for processing enterprises.

However, compared to the previous year, the volume of production of rapeseed oil has decreased by 33.6%, from 84,649 thousand tons in January-August of 2015 to 58,651 thousand tons in January-August 2016.

Changes are associated with a significant decline in production of most oilseed this season, the gross yield of rapeseeds in the country amounted to only 1.16 million tons, which is 33,7% lower results in 2015 (1.55 million tons).

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Friday, 24 September 2021
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