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China will tighten the screws" in developing its own GMO
The authorities will strengthen supervision of GMO testing
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China plans to tighten control of genetically modified crops due to the increase in public attention to the ability of Beijing to exclude illegal GM food from the food chain.

Beijing supports genetically modified organisms, which he considers essential for future food security. But critics argue that the technology could pose a threat to human health, and while China allows the import of some GM crops, domestic food cultivation of GM crops until prohibited.

Planned changes in the regulation of safety control of China will not change its policy on GMOs, but will increase the oversight of developing biotechnology products, said experts from the research Institute of biotechnology of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of China.

The amendments, published by the Ministry of agriculture, emphasize the primary responsibility of research institutions in ensuring the development of GM products in accordance with safety rules.

They also require that the organization conducted research and testing of GMOs with a detailed documentation of each procedure. Official representatives of the Ministry of agriculture for the counties and cities will also strengthen oversight of GMO testing.

Last year after a wave of negative news about biotechnology, the Ministry has launched a media campaign to familiarize the public with the science of GMOs.

But the mood against GMOs continues. The Ministry recently sued members of the public for alleged lack of transparency in the issuance of permits for GMOs, which confirms the lack of confidence in the ability of the Ministry to ensure the safety of food.

Supporters of biotech crops in China argue that the introduction of GM products in commercial circulation will reduce the need for farmers to use prohibited varieties with the aim of increasing the yield.


The amendments proposed by the Ministry to the regulation of safety control of agricultural GMOs are open for comment until may 24.

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