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Scientists of Yakutia have bred a new variety is winter hardy and high yielding rye
A new variety of winter rye called "Cholbon" (polar star)
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A new variety of winter rye called "Cholbon" (polar star), the scientists of the Yakut research Institute of agriculture has sent to the state tests.

Lasts they will be 3-4 years, and while the seeds of new varieties multiplied in nurseries of Yakutia, have informed correspondent IA REGNUM head of the laboratory of selection and seed growing of cereal and forage crops of ANEESH Valentine Sivtseva.

According to her, "Cholbon" — rye short stem (stem height about 85 cm), apologiesa and resistant to wind. In addition, the variety has high winter hardiness and yield per hectare 45 quintals of the harvested grain.

Brought a unique grade employees of the Yakut research Institute of agriculture (ANEESH) Evdokia vahromeeva, Victoria Nikolaev, Vyacheslav Vladimirov, and academic Secretary, Siberian research Institute of plant industry and breeding Galina Artemova, from which the Yakut scientists have received the source material.Work on breeding varieties was conducted about 14 years, all this time was hybridization and nepotism in the selection of seed rye.

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