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Amazone opens a new cataphoretic painting line
Investment in a new paint line was about 20 million euros
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At the time when you operate forklifts and passing trucks on the evening of April 7, 2017 in company Amazone was a holiday: in the hood-Almaarasan official opening of the new cataphoretic painting line.

The ceremony was attended by many dignitaries from the region and neighbouring regions, among them also the head of administration of the County of Oldenburg, Carsten Harings, and mayor hood, Holger Lebedintsev. From Amazone the ceremony was attended by members and officers of the company.


Dr. Stefan Evers, who as a member of the Board Amazone supervises the plant in the hood, welcomed the guests and expressed gratitude to all who participated in this project.

About three and a half years ago, according to Dr. Evers, the management of the company Amazonen-Werke was approved this investment, so in March 2014 a contract was signed on delivery of the most important components of a firm Eisenmann.

This was followed by a gorgeous coordinated work of all involved persons and the project team of the supplier, which had a decisive importance for the successful implementation of the project.

"Painting machines Amazone can now be carried out with the help of modern technology of the highest level and in compliance with strict environmental requirements. Thus, at the same time, we have acquired wide opportunities of growth in Almaarasan," said Dr. Evers.

"The new paint line is an important milestone for the plant in the hood-Almaarasan" - shared his joy also the President Amazone Director Christian Dreyer. Investment in a new paint line was about 20 million euros and thus, it became the biggest single investment in the history

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