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Kennel "Ariant" hopes for the year to provide seedlings of all the vineyards of the Kuban
Selling planting material will begin in 2018
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The nursery is one of Russia's largest wine holding "Ariant" in 2018 will receive on the sale of 5 million seedlings of various varieties, which will provide planting materials of all the vineyards in the Krasnodar territory, told on Thursday to journalists by the shareholder of the holding Alexander Kretov.

"With the opening of this enterprise, we can be confident in the development of viticulture in the Krasnodar region. Today we have the orders (for seedlings - approx. TASS) from our colleagues, and I think that in a year leave from the import of seedlings in the Krasnodar region", - he said.

Kretov said that in the nursery, which opened in 2017, made 3.2 million vaccinations, next year it is planned 6 million According to him, it will sell about 5 million seedlings, sale of planting material will begin in 2018, and the seedlings will be sold only to farms of the Kuban.

Earlier it was reported that this year the holding in the Krasnodar territory has launched its own nursery, whose main goal is to replace imported planting material.

The company "Ariant" is one of the largest agroindustrial holdings in Russia, which includes agricultural and wine holding company "Kuban-Wine". Wine company has three production sites in the city of Temryuk, Starotitarovskaya villages and Taman with total production capacity of about 10.6 thousand decalitres per year. The holding also includes Agrofirma Yuzhnaya, which owns 7.8 thousand hectares of fruit-bearing vineyards on the Taman Peninsula and near Anapa.

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