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In Russia will start its first auction of mineral fertilizers
19 December in the Moscow office of Saint-Petersburg international Mercantile exchange (SPIMEX) will be held the ceremony of launching trading in mineral fertilizers. Trading in mineral fertilizers are intended to raise the level of competition and transparency in the Russian commodities market. Preparation of biddings for the launch carried out within the framework of the Exchange Committee of the FAS of Russia and the Working group, which included the Russian Association of fertilizer producers (brine) and SPIMEX.
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The ceremony will be attended by A. E. Rybnikov, President of JSC "SPIMEX"; Igor Artemyev, head of FAS Russia; A. N. The Golomolzin, Deputy head of the FAS Russia; A. V. Mironchenko, head of the control of the chemical industry and agro-industrial complex of the FAS Russia; K. L. selyutina, Director of the Department of securities market and commodity market Bank of Russia; P. A. Chekmarev, Director of Department of crop production, mechanization, chemicalization and plant protection of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation; I. I. Kaluga, Executive Director of "brine". In addition, representatives from companies-producers of mineral fertilizers (PhosAgro, URALCHEM, EuroChem and others).

The beginning of Russia's first organized trading fertilizers will open a new stage in the development of the market of agricultural chemistry, and will consolidate the position of the SPIMEX as the leading commodity exchange platform.

As noted previously Vice President, SPIMEX Anton Karpov: "Training start trading with fertilizers can be called a bright example of successful cooperation exchanges, regulators and market participants. In this SPIMEX useful experience in the markets of oil products, oil, gas and forests. A number of leading enterprises in the agrochemical sector already have experience of participation in the stock exchange SPIMEX – gas markets and petroleum products. They showed high activity in the preparation of trading mineral fertilizers, working as part of a special working group under the Stock Committee of the FAS in which market participants have entered through the Association brine", - he said.

According to the Executive Director of the Russian Association of fertilizer producers (brine) Igor Kaluga, the benefits of the commercial products on the exchange are guarantees of payment and delivery of goods, effective acquisition planning-marketing activities, price risk insurance.

In the framework of the action plan for the preparation of tenders for the launch was developed by the basic documents: the rules of tendering, the specification of the exchange of goods and others. Determined the form of mineral fertilizers – carbamide of grade B, which will act as a stock of goods in the course of implementation of the pilot project of trading.

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