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Fertilizer producers have increased supply to the domestic market
By the end of 2018, the consumption of fertilizers in the Russian market increased by 9% to 3.4 million tonnes (calculated as active substance), follows from the data of the branch Association of manufacturers of fertilizers brine.
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Supplies to the domestic market rose "Akron" by 50% to 900,000 tonnes (in physical terms) due to the growth of sales of urea-ammonium nitrate, said in a statement. "URALCHEM" growth of deliveries to Russia and CIS accounted for 20% to 2.6 million tonnes, only sales of fertilizers increased by 50% to 1 million tons, follows from the data of the company. Another major fertilizer producer, EuroChem, has increased sales in Russia by 4%, follows from the report of the company for the past year.

At year-end, the largest supplier of all kinds of fertilizers for local farmers was the "FosAgro", follows from the data of the brine – 26,6 million tons In the second and third places – "EuroChem" (1.6 million tonnes) and "Akron".

PhosAgro sold through its distribution network – it has increased in the past year, mineral fertilizer sales by 7% to 2.93 mln tonnes Of them of 2.43 million tonnes of own production "FosAgro" and about 500 000 t of third – party products, says a company representative.

Increased whether Uralkali to supply fertilizers to the domestic market, a company spokesman says, but for the first half of 2018, the company's sales in Russia grew 15% to $233 million compared to the same period in 2017, the disclosure of the company.



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