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The Committee for the fight against counterfeiting on the Russian market of the specialized machinery
The Committee for technical regulation and standardization Association "Rosspetsmash" on March 18 held its first meeting in Moscow.
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The event was attended by the President of the Association "Rosspetsmash", the Committee's Chairman Konstantin Babkin, heads of testing laboratories, the management and leading specialists of the plants producing specialized machinery and equipment.

According to Konstantin Babkin, the main objectives of the future work of the Committee will be the fight against counterfeit and pirated products in the fields of specialized engineering. In addition, you must identify all testing laboratories and certification bodies, who in good faith operate.

Association “Rosspetsmash” and Rosstandart for more active cooperation with manufacturers in the direction of the fight against counterfeiting was signed in 2018 in the framework of AGROSALON exhibition the cooperation agreement. The establishment of the Committee for technical regulation and standardization and its launching is an important step in the implementation of the main points spelled out in the document.

The participants of the meeting discussed the form of voluntary evaluation of testing laboratories and certification bodies, the principles for this evaluation. In addition, support was expressed for the proposal that the Committee should keep a register of testing laboratories and certification bodies.

These measures will allow to create a list of organizations which are equipped with all necessary equipment for quality testing. The publication of such information in open access can help consumers in the selection of equipment to assess its characteristics on the basis of data obtained after the test.

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