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EkoNiva: 2000 tons of milk every day!
3 April milk production at EkoNiva has crossed the landmark level of 2000 tons of milk per day. The company took exactly four months to beat its previous record of 1,500 tons of milk per day, to reaffirm its leadership in the dairy market of Russia and to strengthen its position in the TOP 10 global producers of milk.
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This result was made possible thanks to the rapid development of the company and the unprecedented support from the state. In 2018, EkoNiva has expanded its geographical presence, the shock was built livestock complexes. Today, the company farms more than 140 000 head of cattle, about 75 000 head of dairy cows, 28 high-tech cattle-breeding complexes. The construction of 15 livestock farms. If you implement all of the plans at end of year the production volume of raw milk will grow to 2,800 tons per day.

According to Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva, at the current level of state support, Russia will be able to reach self-sufficiency in milk production in four to five years. But on the export of dairy products need to think now.

— We intend to make every effort to expedite a solution to this problem, said Stefan Duerr.

As for the inside secrets of efficiency in milk production at EkoNiva several of them.

Over the years we have created a perfect model of a livestock breeding complex, — says the Deputy General Director of the company for the production of Ramon Schenk. And distribute it to newly built complexes, constantly improving. In addition, we work hard to improve the quality of animal feed. And our most important asset is, of course, people. EkoNiva has created a unique training system, a private school of animal husbandry. This enables us to combine the knowledge of experienced employees with the energy of youth and to train specialists of high level.

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